Devi Ahilya Hospital and Research Centre has launched Department of Renal Care Centre with the mission of ‘Don’t Replace Regrow’ on 2nd March 2022. Devi Ahilya Hospital and Research Centre is the world’s best Electro Homeopathic Hospital situated in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The Department of Renal Care Centre of Devi Ahilya Hospital & Research Centre deals with Kidney patients. The department provides both preventive & curative treatments for Chronic Kidney Disease, Glomerulonephritis, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Atrophy and Hypertrophy Kidney Disease, Kidney Cancer. Special emphasis is given to preventive measures so that Kidney disease can be treated at early stage. A highly experienced team of Electro Homeopathy doctors equipped with latest technology to deliver outstanding and unprecedented clinical outcomes on Kidney Disease. Since establishment of Renal Care Centre

This department is proving to be a new ray of hope for hopeless kidney disease patients through its exclusive treatment protocol. We are the India’s first 100 bed Electro Homeopathic Renal Care Centre solely using plants based Electro Homeopathy as the system of medicine as well as treatment, which incorporates modern ICU’S and other state-of-the-art modern critical care equipments.

We constantly strive to make a difference to clinical outcomes for the renal disease patients by ensuring that along with our exclusive Electro Homeopathic treatment, we have highly qualified & experienced team equipped with latest technology to deliver outstanding and unprecedented clinical outcomes on renal disease.

On the occasion of inauguration, the Chief Guest of the program, Member of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly and former Cabinet Minister Paras Chandra Jain said that the Renal Care Center starting by Devi Ahilya Hospital and Research Centre in Indore is really a boon for kidney patients. I wish that the research done by Dr. Ajay Hardia through electro homeopathy gives complete health benefits to kidney patients. Further Paras Chandra said that the number of kidney patients is increasing continuously in the present era, which is a big challenge for the doctors who are contributing to the health world.

As our kidney patients too acknowledge and experience their fast recovery during their course of treatment in our hospital, for that the credit not only goes to the this incredible herbal medical science but also our dedicated and service oriented profession team of doctors and compassionate medical staff have made patient’s fight more strong against such headstrong disease.

That’s why our treated patients in their feedback review say that they felt the divinity presence in the hospital and experienced the life changing difference in their treatment journey against renal disease.

We strongly believe that this incredible herbal medical science “Electro Homeopathy,’’ will definitely prove to be a boon, in the coming years for the suffering society.


To be the best companion for hopeless kidney patients and again create a hope for them in attaining quality of life.


To pioneer and excel in preventive, curative & palliative health care against kidney disease.


To provide patients centered holistic treatment backed by trust, accountability, safety, kindness, integrity & respect for all the people we serve.