Our Exclusive Treatment

Our exclusive kidney treatment protocol is solely based on the fundamental principles of the Mother Nature and its healing force. Below are the wisdom thoughts of the great saints and philosophers of the ancient times, which truly pave the path forward to understand the inevitable relation between human health and the nature.
In our treatment protocol, we try to nourish and assist the innate healing force both inside and out.
“Everyone has a doctor inside, called natural healing force. We just have to help it in its work.” – Hippocrates (460 – 370 BC)
“The art of healing comes from nature.” – Paracelsus (1493 – 1541)
“The Physician is only nature’s assistant.” – Galen (130 – 210 AD)
“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” – Hippocrates
“Our food should be our medicine.” – Hippocrates

In detail, Universal and Philosophical aspect of cause of a disease
The creator has gifted nature and other various resources available to man, for livelihood under a predefined constitution. Whenever man goes beyond the constitution and violates the universal laws of nature, then he has to face many problems, one of which comes in the form of various diseases. Cancer disease is also the result of violating the rules of nature or in other words not believing in nature and its values.

As far as Electro Homoeopathy’s philosophy or view is concerned, it describes health as normal healthy state of the two vital bodily fluids i.e. “blood and lymph” along with adequate circulation of bio electric energy (Life Energy/Healing Force). Any disturbance or imbalance in the homeostasis of these three vital bodily constituents, whether due to physical or psychological reasons, causes cancer like disease or unhealthy state.

So, in our exclusive cancer treatment protocol we consider all these important factors of energy and all round nutrition. And through instantaneous action of our Electro Homoeopathic medicines, help the body to maintain homeostasis on all these fundamental parameters.

Vital Fundamental Factors which determines health:
– Quality of blood and lymph
– Blood Circulation
– Adequate Oxygen availability throughout the body, both of them causes various complications like – chronic pain, weakness, inflammation etc.
– Availability of adequate Bio Electrical Energy(Life Force). Lack of this vital energy also causes various complications like – weakness, sluggish organs etc.
How do we fix or balance all these vital factors:-
– Through our globular Electro Homeopathic medicines both blood and lymph are purified. To improve blood quality, we also prescribe specialized cancer oriented nutrition rich plant based raw diet.
– Alongside purification of the blood, through our liquid Electro Homeopathic medicines, our treatment protocol helps body cells to retain their actual or normal shape, size and surface area, which ultimately increases their oxygen carrying capacity to its optimum level and provides oxygen to various parts of the body.
– Through our liquid Electro Homeopathic medicines, we provide instant Bio Electrical Energy (Life Force/Energy), which in a very short period of time removes various complications.

Raw fresh fruits and vegetables are also one of the biggest sources to increase bio electrical energy, when they are eaten without processing or cooking.
Removing all such subsidiary complications in various stages of cancer comes under Pain and Palliative Care. In our Palliative Care we also take care of psychological needs of the cancer patients through a specialized counseling session.

As far as our Electro Homeopathic medicines are concerned, as our medicines are prepared from plants extracts, they contain bio-electrical energy. Being plants based herbal medical system, our medicines are not only free of any kind of side effects but also due to its bio electrical properties, it gives instant result to the patients suffering from any type of complex disease including cancer.

As Electro Homeopathy is a energy based science, so for the first time in the history of medical science, we have established a whole new system for diagnosis and prognosis that is called Bio Energy Imaging Scanner. This bio energy scanner is a Japanese Technology based instrument, which enables us to scan, read and analyze the Human Energy Field (Bio Electrical Energy/Auric Energy). Through this instrument it is quite possible to diagnose and resolve the deep rooted psychological and spiritual aspects of the patient. It helps both physician as well as the patients, to see the instant change brought in the patient’s Auric Level or Bio Energy, after application of Electro Homeopathic medicines. When a cancer patient, through his/her own eyes observes live on the desktop screen his/her Bio Energy Level (both pre and post medication), that is the moment from where he gains the confidence and trust that this Bio Energy based medical science is the only way ahead in accomplishing their hope. That is how; our Bio Energy Scanner is playing a pivotal role in our exclusive treatment protocol.