Treatment with the help of Bio Energy Imaging Scanner

Modern medical research has proved that Bio Electric Energy/ Bio Electromagnetic Energy/ Vital Energy/ Life Force is responsible to all biological functions and processes that happen in Living Being. And as Dr. Bruce H. Lipton has also stated that Human Body itself is a Electro Magnetic cell consisting of innumerable tiny body cells acting as individual small Electro Magnetic cells, which together ultimately creates an Bio Electromagnetic Field (BEF) around itself. In other words, this BEF is also called Human Energy Field or Human Auric Field or Aura or ‘Abhamandal’ in Hindi.

As our system of medicine, ‘Electro Homeopathy’ is also an energy based science, so for the first time in the history of medical science, we have introduced a whole new system for diagnosis and prognosis that is called Bio Energy Imaging Scanner. This bio energy scanner or aura scanner is a Japanese Technology based instrument, which enables us to scan, read and analyze the Human Energy Field (Bio Electrical Energy/ Auric Energy). Through this instrument it is quite possible to diagnose and resolve the deep rooted psychological and spiritual aspects of the patient. It helps both physician as well as the patients, to see the instant change brought in the patient’s Auric Level or Bio Energy Level, after application of Electro Homeopathic medicines. When a cancer patient, through his/her own eyes observes live on the desktop screen his/her Bio Energy Level (both pre and post medication), that is the moment from where he gains the confidence and trust that this Bio Energy based medical science is the only way ahead in accomplishing their hope.

In our research, this incredible instrument has very well established that plant based herbal medicines or unprocessed fresh raw food taken directly from nature, can only enhance the Bio Electric Energy or HEF, on the other hand, chemical based science like Allopathy or dead processed food reduces this bio energy field instantaneously.

So, Bio Energy Imaging Scanner is playing a pivotal role in our treatment protocol and also we look forward to see its greater involvement in development of health and medical system in future.